Shona Honyara

Mom of 3 two-legged boys and 4 four-legged girls – our house is ALWAYS busy and usually VERY noisy! I’ve loved animals since I was child, especially dogs, and have been involved in the animal industry since I was a teenager.

In late 1992 I met my amazing husband. Turned out he loved dogs as much as I did and showed a love and particular aptitude for training them. In 1998 we adopted two shelties from a dear friend. She introduced us to flyball (we sucked at that lol!) and agility. Agility was the sport for us and our dogs excelled at it. My little sheltie, Kasey, was never as fast as her sister, Kelsey, but at the tender age of 12 years we made the podium at the 2010 AAC National Championships – placing 4th!!! Our shelties and our beautiful mini aussie, Mojo, all achieved their Lifetimes under the AAC and also competed in NADAC, CKC, USDAA, FCI and many other sports, including canine drill, herding and rally-o.

Currently, we’re training up the new generation of pups – IMP, Clara and River. Our little pomX, Rossa, is almost 15 years old and doing very well at her job as official greeter to our home. 😉

It’s been 5 years since I’ve run a dog in agility, but I have always remained in ‘the loop’. Running dog agility trials and fun matches has been a wonderful way to meet new people, hang out with old friends, and watch up and coming teams compete.

We hope you come out and join us for one of our events in the future! We’d love to meet you =)