Bev Johnson

Bev Johnson is the founder of Leaps N Bounds Agility. A longtime resident
of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, she began her involvement in the
sport of dog agility in the early 1990s. Since that time, Bev has
contributed to the growth of the sport in BC and in Canada by teaching
classes, organizing competition events, and even acting in key roles for the
Agility Association of Canada. More so, however, it was the manner in which
she did all these things that truly inspired other people and helped to grow
the community of agility enthusiasts that now exists throughout the Lower
Mainland (and in other parts of BC). Bev did all these things with infectious humour, compassion, and caring for every person and every dog that she met. She was a foundational rock on which our Agility Community
was built upon.

In October 2016, after teaching an agility class, Bev suffered a brain
aneurism and nearly left us. She demonstrated her strength and resiliency
and defied the odds to make a recovery, but the incident left her with
damage to her memory and health that she still struggles with today. While
Bev is now not as involved with activities and events of Leaps N Bounds
Agility, she is still its heart and soul. We continue her legacy and put on
events under the name of LNB because we know that is what she wants. Bev
still comes and visits at many of the events. It will always be her
passion; and it is a way for her to be connected to the people and community
that she has nurtured these many years.

If you come to one of our events, and you see her, go say HI to her – like
many of us, you will be glad you did = )